Is the Arizona Real Estate Market Shifting - July 22 Updates

Is the Arizona Real Estate Market Shifting in July 2022?

Phoenix arizona real estate market update July 2022

We are seeing a change in the market from where we were just 30 days ago, which can affect our economy and a consumer's ability to buy or sell a home.

Arizona Home Sellers Are Concerned

They may have missed the market and will no longer be able to get top dollar when they sell. Sellers should understand that they need to become more competitive in the market. They need to set the price for a home correctly when first listing it. If activity is low or non-existent, it is probably time to either remove the home from the market or lower the price.

Homebuyers Are Looking

Homebuyers are looking for a more affordable market with increased home choices. Inventory in the area has rebounded from historic lows. At the same time, economic factors, including rising interest rates, high inflation, and a falling stock market, are reducing the number of buyers in the market.

Between The Lines: A Phoenix Real Estate Agent's Perspective

The past two years have seen incredible price increases. But, in record time, the tide has changed, and while we are not there yet, the overwhelming question is, are we headed toward a buyer's market?

The Bottom Line

Nothing last forever; you have to change your perspective.

Buyers can be pickier and need not rush to put in an offer above the list price. A buyer has more breathing room to search for the right home. Buyers must be sure they are pre-qualified at current interest rates or can show sufficient cash to close. As rates change, the amount of homes a buyer can afford is likely to change also.

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