Do High Ceilings Add Value?

Homes with high ceilings are appealing for many reasons, but are high ceilings one of the best ways to add value to your home?

A tall ceiling is an attractive feature because it let more light into a home and creates the sense of spaciousness and airiness. But is the idea that home buyers will pay more for them a fact or a myth? We've asked several real estate experts to give their view.

In a word, yes. Our real estate experts were unanimous in agreeing that a high ceiling is generally an attractive feature to buyers:

'higher ceilings are a more custom feature, so buyers are likely to pay more for them. This is particularly true of single story homes.' 

'In spite of some people's belief that this is an "illusion", the house actually has more living space since adding height leads to having more cubic footage.' – which explains why apartment living rooms with high ceilings feel so much larger, too.

Source: Homes & Garden - Anna Cottrell

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